ROB JONES (aka Robert Cash)


   Most people will know me as 'ROB JONES' the Bass Player / Vocalist from UK Indie / Brit-Pop chart band MISSING ANDY, the group that I still LOVE touring, writing, recording and releasing music with. Together we have toured in some amazing places around the world, to an ever growing and very loyal fan-base. Album 4 on the way!!


   As well as the band, my solo career and running recording studio 'MANOR STUDIO ESSEX', music is not the only string to my bow. I am also a full time Actor, Presenter and Model working under the name 'ROBERT CASH'.


   In my early years, whilst tip-toeing into the biz, you would more likely have found me behind the camera on various shows and productions as a broadcast TV camera operator.


   These days, other than life in MISSING ANDY, my main focus aside from the music is on my acting career, and things are moving quickly.


   Coming from a predominately music orientated background, it was very challenging starting from the bottom, proving I have what it takes to succeed and let no one stand in the way of my dreams. With some hard work and determination, (much like doing gigs in every toilet in the country before the venues and audiences started getting bigger), I am definitely on track and very much looking forward to even more exciting projects.


Some of the work I've already been involved in has been amazing, and there's only more exciting stuff to come, and I am loving every minute of it.


I think I'm arriving on the scene just in time to be the next James Bond - watch this space! ;)